Country Hills Veterinary Hospital

Have you ever been to a veterinary clinic where you felt like just another number? Where you were rushed in and out, your questions unanswered and your concerns unheard? Where your pet was handled with a less-than-caring touch?

At Country Hills Veterinary Hospital, it’s our mission to make visits to the vet warm, positive experiences. That’s why we’ll go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and right at home. Whether it’s wrapping your pet in a cozy towel, offering tasty treats or getting down on their level, we’ll do whatever it takes.

We never rush because we know that quality care takes time. We also recognize that our commitment doesn’t stop when office hours are over, which is why we make every effort to be available for after-hours questions or advice. It’s a difference you can feel from the moment you walk through our doors. Here, you are like family, plain and simple.

Our gentle compassion is backed by a combined 48 years of experience. You can rest assured that your pet will always receive the most precise, effective medical care available. We’re proud to serve the Eastern Ky, Prestonsburg, Paintsville and Pikeville communities. We hope you’ll consider giving us a try. Call your Eastern Ky veterinarian today.
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  • Dr. Mark Greene

    Owner, Veterinarian

    Dr. Mark Greene has known that veterinary medicine was his true calling ever since he was a young boy. He grew up on a farm in rural eastern Kentucky, where animal care was a natural part of life. For Dr. Greene, another career choice simply wasn’t an option! He now owns his very own animal hospital along with his wife, Dr. Melanie Greene, and has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners for over 20 years.

    After veterinary school, Dr. Greene started his career in a mixed-animal practice in Pikeville, Kentucky. Two years later, he decided to move back to his family farm and start his own veterinary practice in the same area where he grew up. That’s when Country Hills Veterinary Hospital was born—alongside his wife, Dr. Greene opened the practice for business in 1994 and has been caring for the pets of eastern Kentucky ever since.

    In his time away from work, Dr. Greene enjoys farming, reading history books, collecting coins, hiking, shooting, and cheering on the University of Kentucky’s basketball and football teams. He and his wife have four wonderful children: Kate is studying pre-dentistry at the University of Kentucky; Sarah will be attending the same school in the very near future and plans on becoming a pharmacist; Rachel will soon be a junior in high school and would like to be an optician; and four-year-old Jake is already shaping up to be a huge animal-lover himself. The Greenes also have many house pets; three livestock guardian dogs named Clint, Jack, and Jill; and a small herd of fainting goats.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1994
  • Dr. Melanie Greene

    Owner, Veterinarian

    Dr. Melanie Greene grew up in rural Pikeville, Kentucky, where she and her twin sister spent hours playing with the cats around the property. Since there weren’t many veterinarians around at the time, Dr. Greene and her sister took it upon themselves to nurse any sick or injured animals they found back to health; this instilled a deep passion for animal care at an early age. Dr. Greene decided that she would become a veterinarian before she had even started kindergarten!

    Dr. Greene—Dr. Melanie to many of her clients—moved to Lexington after high school to attend the University of Kentucky. She began working at a nearby small-animal practice during her studies while simultaneously pet-sitting for the hospital’s clients in her spare time. Her hard work paid off: Dr. Greene was accepted into Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine after just three years of undergraduate studies.

    After meeting her husband (the hospital’s very own Dr. Mark Greene) and starting her career in Alabama, Dr. Melanie moved back to eastern Kentucky to open her own animal clinic with her husband. In 1994, Country Hills Veterinary Hospital opened its doors to the public. The Greenes have been serving the pets and animal owners of the area ever since!

    As a veterinarian, Dr. Greene has a particular passion for feline medicine. (She suspects this has something to do with the hours she spent as a child with her family’s barn cats!) She’s also fond of surgery work, animal rescue, and shelter medicine. Country Hills Veterinary Hospital even works directly with many rescue organizations and shelters, and it is Dr. Greene’s ultimate goal to transform the dynamic of eastern Kentucky to diminish the area’s stray pet population.

    Drs. Melanie and Mark have three daughters who are in college and high school, as well as a young son who spends most days here at the office. The family lives on a farm and has many pets of their own: Anya the Siberian Husky; eight lovable cats; Oscar, a rescued dachshund; Rico the Chihuahua; a pony named Moonpie who lives in the yard with the dogs and cats; and several goats and chickens.

    When time permits between work and family life, Dr. Greene is an avid gymnast and loves tumbling with her daughters whenever she gets the chance. Once her daughters were old enough to try gymnastics themselves, Dr. Greene took up the sport again after taking a 15-year break. She hasn’t stopped since!
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1994
    Auburn University
  • Bethany


    Bethany grew up very close to Country Hills Veterinary Hospital, and was constantly tending to animals in her family’s barn. Caring for the earth’s creatures has been her passion since she was a young girl! Bethany started volunteering at the clinic as soon as she could, and has been serving the area’s pet owners here ever since.

    Bethany is one of Country Hills Veterinary Hospital’s front-desk receptionists and is responsible for checking patients in and out of the clinic, scheduling appointments, and much more. Her favorite part of the job is the variety it offers—every single day brings something new! She’s very proud to serve the area’s animal owners and pets alongside her compassionate and skilled fellow team members.

    Bethany holds an Associate’s degree in arts and science, and plans on attending the University of Pikeville in the future to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in biology. In her time away from work, she enjoys cooking, fishing, shopping, going to church, and spending quality time with her family. Bethany has two young children named Isaiah and Jaelyn, and also shares her home with a cat named Doretta Silverbell and a puppy who goes by Marlee Diamond.
  • Breonna J

    Veterinary Assistant

    Early on in life, Breonna recognized the unwavering loyalty and love that pets provide. She’s known since she was a little girl that a career in veterinary medicine would suit her well! Now, Breonna feels fortunate and proud to care for animals as a Veterinary Assistant and Weekend Care Provider with the Country Hills Veterinary Hospital family.

    Born and raised in Paintsville, Kentucky, Breonna began working at a local vet’s office during high school before attending Morehead State University to study pre-veterinary medicine and then veterinary technology. She started here at the hospital as a volunteer in October of 2015, and was offered a position shortly afterward. Breonna was more than happy to accept! She has special medical interests in radiology work and dermatology.

    Most of Breonna’s free time is spent studying for school, but when time allows she enjoys reading, spending time with family, and the company of her own pets at home. She has a spoiled cat named Joker as well as two loveable dogs who go by Jesse and Rosie.
  • Mandie

    Veterinary Assistant

    Animals have been a part of Mandie’s life from her earliest memories. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a childhood photo of her without a dog, cat, goat, or pig in the picture! For Mandie, a career in veterinary medicine was simply the only choice.

    Mandie is a Kentucky native and first joined the Country Hills Veterinary Hospital family in the summer of 2003. She’s been here ever since, and particularly enjoys radiology work and the fast-paced nature of her work. At the end of the day, she can go home happy knowing that she’s made a real difference for the area’s families!

    Mandie and her wonderful young son, Carter, share their home with several pets of their own. They have five Chihuahuas—Squeak, Ted, HoneyBee, Pearl, and Daisy—as well as ducks, chickens, and a pair of pot-bellied pigs named Pork Pork and Wilbur.
  • Misty

    Veterinary Assistant

    Misty always enjoyed the company of dogs, but never suspected that she would end up working in a veterinarian’s office. It didn’t take long after starting here at the clinic, though, for her to fall in love with the care of all pets! Misty serves as one of Country Hills Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

    Misty grew up in Weeksbury, Kentucky, and first heard about an open position here at the hospital from her cousin, who also works for the clinic. She started in early 2016 and couldn’t be happier with her decision; Misty is especially fond of helping out in the surgical ward and performing bloodwork.

    In her free time, Misty enjoys going to church, fishing, and spending time with her family. She and her husband Charles have a son, Christian, and a daughter named Brooklyn. The family shares their lives with two dogs, Blue and Puss, as well as a cat named Tom who sleeps with Misty’s daughter every night.
  • Patty M


    Patty was raised on a small farm, where she was surrounded by everything from horses, pigs, and cows to mules, chickens, and turkeys. She’s had a passion for pet care for as long as she can remember, and she also loves being able to provide a service to the community’s families. Working in the veterinary industry is the perfect choice for Patty!

    Patty has known the Greenes for many years, and was happy to fill in at reception when a former employee retired. She’s been here ever since, and loves greeting each and every visitor to the clinic—both two- and four-legged—with a smile.

    Patty has been married for nearly 23 years. She and her husband have one daughter and live with a pair of adorable Chihuahuas. Tinky is a miniature breed and is the true boss of the house; Dazey is much more carefree and loves everyone she meets.
  • Shelby S

    Veterinary Assistant

    Animals have always been an integral part of life for Shelby, and she’s wanted to return the favor for as long as she can remember. She knew she wouldn’t be satisfied unless she made it her life’s work to care for pets! Shelby is currently studying veterinary technology while she serves the area’s animal owners and pets here at Country Hills Veterinary Hospital.

    Shelby grew up in the hills of Flatgap, Kentucky, and started at Morehead State University as a biomedical major before transferring into the school’s veterinary technician program. She began volunteering here at the hospital in the summer of 2014, gaining crucial hands-on experience in a real-world clinic setting under the mentorship of Drs. Mark and Melanie Greene. Shelby is now a Veterinary Assistant, and thoroughly enjoys using fecal examinations to look for internal parasites, meeting new pet owners every day, and seeing pets leave the hospital with happily wagging tails.

    At home, Shelby and her family live with quite the zoo of pets. She shares her home with 15 beagles (eight of whom are puppies), a pair of poodles, a dachshund, a German shepherd, four cats, a horse, four rabbits, two ferrets, and various farm animals! Shelby particularly likes heading into the great outdoors with her father and sister to take their beagles rabbit-hunting.
  • Stacy S

    Veterinary Nurse

    Stacy grew up in Prestonburg, Kentucky, where she was constantly fascinated by her father’s stories of the exotic animals that he had owned as a young man. Her father’s passion for animals greatly influenced her own desire to care for pets professionally! She’s worked in the animal-care world for a total of 15 years, and is proud to serve eastern Kentucky’s animal companions and owners here at the hospital.

    After working as a legal secretary, Stacy decided to jump head-first into the veterinary industry and applied for a job here at Country Hills Animal Hospital. She was first hired in August of 1995, and worked full-time for seven years before taking some time off to start a family.

    Stacy returned to the hospital in 2008, and has developed a special passion for laboratory work. If she can use a blood test or bacterial culture to help diagnose a pet’s ailment, she can go home happy! Stacy and her husband, Ron, have two children named Kenzie and Ryan. The family has many pets, including a dog, cat, numerous snakes, bearded dragons, a savannah monitor lizard, a blue-tongued skink, several chickens, and fish. Stacy and Ron even put on educational shows with their reptile pets, and have taught many children—and plenty of adults!—about the true beauty of reptiles.

    Outside of work and family life, Stacy likes collecting coffee mugs and trying her hand at cross-stitch.