Pet Services

As a loving pet parent, you are charged with the important task of keeping your animal companion happy, healthy and fit. At Country Hills Veterinary Hospital, we would be honored to partner with you in helping you achieve that goal. To that end, we have put together a comprehensive suite of services that are designed to support a lifetime of wellness. Whether it’s a routine checkup or critical care to save your pet’s life, you can count on us!

We place a strong emphasis on preventative medicine because we believe this is the key to helping you both enjoy many years of companionship. Through simple things, like vaccines and annual health screenings, we can stay a step ahead of illness and injury. This can significantly improve both the length and the quality of your loved one’s life. Of course, should the need for additional medical, diagnostic or surgical care arise, we’re up to the task. We even offer house calls and 24/7 emergency care as needed.

To complement our clinical services, we also provide a number of options designed to support your pet’s general needs. Behavioral counseling, boarding, adoption assistance and professional grooming are all available through our facility. We want to make sure all your pet’s needs are taken care of in one convenient location.

For a complete list of services available to patients of Country Hills Veterinary Hospital, please see below. Or, better yet, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help your pet live an amazing life!